School Reopening: Everything You Need To Know About

School Reopening: Everything You Need To Know About
School Reopening: Everything You Need To Know About

School Reopening: A few days back the Union Home Ministry allowed the state governments to make decisions regarding when to reopen the schools after October 15. All the states and the union territories followed the order and started the process to zero down on a decision.

The concerned people whose opinion really mattered in this include the state government officials, state education department officials, district magistrates, school management, and most importantly, guardians or parents of the students.

The schools of the country are closed since mid-March. The Education Ministry has released the essential guidelines to be followed in the schools and other educational institutions.

The Union Government has decided to allow the reopening of the schools and other educational institutions after October 15.

But the state governments are yet to decide certain things like the timing of the face to face class in the schools, manner of teaching, students in per room, and more. However, it is confirmed that the schools will be reopening in phases.

What “reopening in phases” actually means is that initially, only classes from 9 to 12 will go to school. Then classes from 6 to 12 will join and in the same way, all the classes will get back to their schools.

To add to the reopening experience of the students, students will get variations in their timings of school which is dependent on the place where they live, where the school is and how far is the school from the homes of the students.

Talking about what some states responded to the order of the Central Government, New Delhi has decided not to send the students to the school before the end of this month. The reason is obvious that the number of positive reports in Delhi is not small enough for students going to school. Uttar Pradesh has opted for a different choice.

The schools in Uttar Pradesh are going to be reopened in phases as mentioned in the guidelines, but that too after October 15.

As the Education Ministry along with the Union Government has preferred the reopening of schools in phases, a good ratio of all the states is opting for the same. But the government has allowed the states to reverse this sequence.

It means if any state needs to send the junior classes’ students first, and then the senior classes’ students, that state is allowed to do so. Because again, the Central Government is not interfering in the specific decisions taken by the state governments.

The Ministry’s guidelines clearly declare that attendance should not be forced on any student in any way. Attendance is completely dependent on the written consent of the parents of the students.

Because there still are parents who do not want to send their children to schools amid the current situations. If a student is not going back to school, he/she can continue studying via the ongoing online classes.

And, in case a school does not have an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) environment, the teachers have to do interact with the students and their parents via phone. Using interview mode on the phone, teachers can keep track and record of the students studying by online classes.

According to a recent report, students are worried about the sudden shift in their way of studying. They say it will affect their performances in the assessments which are expected very soon. But they don’t need to worry about that.

Education Ministry has restricted all the schools not to conduct any sort of assessment for at least two or three weeks once the schools reopen.

In fact, according to the ministry, even when a school is about to conduct an assessment, the traditional pen and paper text format is not going to be practiced. And this is for all the classes. Doing so will ensure the emotional well-being of the students.

It is stated that instead of the traditional pen and paper method, assessments will now be conducted in other ways like class quizzes, puzzles, games, presentations, journals, portfolios, brochure designing, role plays, and choreography.

The students that are allowed by their parents to go to school will not be going to the schools daily. Students will go on a rotational basis either on alternate days or every two days. 

On the days when such students will be home, they will be asked to study the chapters that are essential as well as easy to understand conceptually.

The schools which have a pretty big number of students will conduct studies in two shifts, keeping the short duration of each shift. Doing so will help the same teachers to teach in the two shifts.

Strict rules are to be followed by the students, teachers, and management. Those rules include wearing good quality masks during the whole school hours. Everyone in the schools has to take special care of their hand hygiene for which they have to sanitize their hands after regular intervals. Students will sit at least six feet away from each other in the classrooms.


The much-awaited topic of school reopening is soon going to be concluded. Schools will again be educating the students after October 15. The schools have added many things and continued many things. Students will be experiencing all-new ways of teaching and assessment. Everyone will take special care of their own safety which, in the long run, will take care of everyone’s safety and health.

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