OnePlus 8T Confirmed To Be Launched With Android 11 Based On OxygenOS 11

OnePlus 8T Confirmed To Be Launched With Android 11 Based On OxygenOS 11
OnePlus 8T Confirmed To Be Launched With Android 11 Based On OxygenOS 11

Recently the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau confirmed that the new OnePlus 8T will launch with Android 11 operating system which is based on OxygenOS 11. Well, this is world’s first smartphone that will come with the Android 11 OxygenOS 11 based operating system.

The another report is that may be OnePlus8T have snapdragon 865 processor with 12 GB ram. But it is confirmed that the smartphone OnePlus 8T gonna be very powerful. Also benchmark of it are very amazing.

Yesterday i.e on Tuesday 29-09-2020 CEO of OnePlus also said that the upcoming new smartphone will have the feature of one handed gestures as well, which will give the refined experience over the OnePlus 8 which is already launched.

OnePlus 8 is also a very powerful and amazing smartphone which have almost all the feature which a user wants, but the upcoming OnePlus 8T will be the upgraded version of OnePlus 8 which have some upgraded feature and amazing looks.

He also said that “We have introduced many new layout, features, and moves in our upcoming OnePlus 8T smartphone. Also, it will have a wide range of display options which will let you choose any layout according to your choice and comfortability. The smartphone will also have a personalized user experience and many more features which will help you on your daily basis works.”

OnePlus 8T Specification By GeekBench

GeekBench have recently told about some specification of OnePlus. As the CEO of Oneplus said that in upcoming 8T, it consists Android 11 that is based on OxygenOs 11.

So, the OnePlus 8T will have 12 GB RAM. Also that smartphone will be powered by “SoC” also called Kona. “Kona” is a codename for the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. However, some previous reports also said that the it will come with Snapdragon 865+. But now according to GeekBench it will come with snapdragon 865.


Well, may be the OnePlus 8T will launch on next month i.e October 14. After few weeks the new powerful smartphone will launch. Also the new Apple iPhone will also be launch on next month i.e on October.

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