Mumbai Facing One Of The Biggest Showers

Mumbai Facing One Of The Biggest Showers
Mumbai Facing One Of The Biggest Showers

Mumbai: From the past few days, Mumbai, the city of dreams, has been continuously facing heavy rains. Due to these heavy showers, people are facing so many problems in their daily life schedule. Not only this, but the transportation services are also adversely hit.

A spell of heavy downpour took place overnight. As a consequence, water got logged and many places flooded. Below you can see the respective rains in different areas.

Santacruz286.4 mm
Thane119.8 mm
Ratnagiri39.5 mm
Colaba147.8 mm
Dhanu42.1 mm

You see, Santacruz faced the highest record among all the areas mentioned above. Not only this but also this downpour in Santacruz is the fourth-highest daily figure in the last 46 years.

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) inspected the whole conditions and asked the people to stay in their homes. BMC has ordered to keep all the government as well as private departments shut i.e. BMC declared a holiday and allowed only the health institutions and services to run.

Many areas are already inspected by Aaditya Thackeray and BMC Commissioner, while other areas are yet to be inspected.

Central Railways is facing many abrupt changes as the waterlogged post intense raining. On Wednesday morning, at 5 am suburban services got suspended by Central Railways.

Many railway and harbor lines are out of service because water has engulfed the tracks. CPRO Shivaji Sutar stated that it’s not safe to run a local train till the water level goes down.

Some diversions are put on several areas such as Malad Subway, Gandhi Market, Hindmata, Bandra Talkies, and some others too.

The floods caused loss to many properties and has broke down many electricity supplying poles. Result, power loss in the affected areas. Due to this, those working from homes and online students are facing inconvenience.

To give you an idea of the worst, let us mention an incident of central Mumbai. In a building, two security guards took the elevator from the basement to the ground floor. But the elevator failed in mid and they both got locked up inside. Then, waterlogging started which after a few minutes took both the guards to death.

Mumbai’s Nair Hospital, the dedicated hospital made for the patients affected by the ongoing virus, has been hit badly by waterlogging. The OPD section got flooded and the whole staff and management were left blank and helpless.

Due to such heavy showers, the Bombay High Court suspended all the hearings which were scheduled to take place on Wednesday, plus all the virtual hearings also got suspended.


Mumbai is going through a really tough time. Many people are drowning, some are dying due to electric shocks, some are getting choked, and some are facing huge losses.

IMD has declared ‘orange alert’ as the city is expected to be hit by heavier rainfalls for the next 24 hours. People are praying so that everything gets fine.

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