Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Launched in India | E-Ink Cover Display

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Launched in India | E-Ink Cover Display
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Launched in India | E-Ink Cover Display

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus – Recently, Lenovo Launches it’s brand new laptop Lenovo ThinkBook Plus in India which has very great features. The E-INK Display is the feature which is specially featured by Lenovo. This feature makes this laptop unique as well as stylish too.

This laptop is specially made for the office work and also for students. Because of it’s E-Ink Cover display you can see notifications and other details while its lid is closed. This is a special feature of this laptop.

However, it is not specially made for gaming, but according to its features, you can also play some high-end games. But not so good. Well, you can use this laptop for your office use or if you are a student this laptop gonna help you a lot. This laptop comes with a single color option which is Iron Grey.

The style and looks of this laptop are amazing and also very unique, because of the back E-Ink cover.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Specifications:

This laptop features a 13.3 inches IPS Full-HD Display which comes with 1,920*1080 pixels. Its display has very slim bezels which look very stylish. The sRGB color gamut has 100 percent coverage with 300 nits of peak brightness.

Talking about the processor, it has Intel Core i7 10th generation processor. Which is a powerful processor capable to run high-end software and games also. It has 16 GB of DDR4 RAM which is also expandable up to 32 GB.

This laptop comes with Intel UHD onboard integrated graphics card which is quite ok.

The feature which makes this laptop unique and amazing is its 10.8 inch E-Ink Display which is monochromatic and you can use that while the laptop is closed. The concept behind this is, you can use that display to write notes and also draw sketches with the help Lenovo Precision Pen. It makes you work easier. With this, its back display shows notification and other important messages while the laptop is closed.

Because of Corning Gorilla Glass, its display is fully secured. This laptop has a 512 GB SSD Storage. Which is very fast and gives you ultimate performance. With all these amazing features the laptop is very handy too as it’s weight is only 1.4 KG which is lighter than normal. And this laptop can give you a battery backup of 10 hours.

Lenovo ThinkBook Price in India:

The Lenovo ThinkBook Price in India starts from 1,12,690 INR with all taxes which is 8GB RAM and i5 Variant and Iron Grey Color. Another variant has 16 GB RAM and i7 processor and Iron Grey colour which costs you 1,29,090 INR with all taxes.


Well, LENOVO THINKBOOK Plus is an amazing laptop with amazing features. However, the price is a little high, if you compare the specification of it with another laptop, you will see that there are some companies which are providing the same specification at quite a low price.

But their product does not have the E-Ink cover display. That’s why it’s the price is a little high. So, if you think that you need these features so definitely you should purchase this laptop.

This laptop is available on Amazon, and also Lenovo official site.

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