Delhi University Starts Online Admission Process Today

Delhi University Starts Online Admission Process Today
Delhi University Starts Online Admission Process Today

Delhi University: Huge crowds of aspirants and parents overflowing in the colleges of Delhi University (DU) was not something amazing in the past years. Students along with their parents could easily be seen waiting in the very long ques so that they do not miss out on their chance to get admission in one of the top universities of India, Delhi University.

But this year, things have changed for Delhi University and its aspirants too. The admission process has gone fully online this year.

Well, this too is not an amaze anymore because of the obvious reason of the ongoing pandemic. No student or parent is allowed to enter the colleges. To run the admission process, Delhi University has opted online mode, which is starting today, October 12, 2020.

The first thing an aspirant should be hoping for is that he/she manages to be in the final list after the cut-off is announced. Once done, the aspirant will need to decide which college to choose and which course to persue, out of those highlighted in their dashboards.

Just after they decide and click their college and course, their data and information will be directed to the head of the department.

After the head of the department starts their role, the aspirants will have to verify and confirm their all the required documents there.

If this process goes satisfying the department, the aspirant will be approved and further redirected to the Admission Committee convenor of the college and then if they too approve the aspirant, he/she will finally go to the principal.

Yes, the approval by the principal of the opted college will be the last and final approval. The student will then be notified to pay the admission fee online. With that being done, the admission process of an aspirant gets completed via the online admission process of DU.

The above described complete procedure is based on the statements made by Dean Admissions Shobha Bagai. A student who has got the fee request will get five days to submit the admission fee. In simpler words, a student will have to pay the fee before this coming Friday.

The refreshed data of the day 5 (Friday) evening will confirm the fee submission of any aspirant. Only then an aspirant would be in the new list of the students after the cut-off.

So, every Friday data of the admission process will be updated and on every Saturday, it will release a new cut-off list – as stated by the Hindu College Anju Srivastava, who further added, the colleges will have to release a daily report of applications approved, applications denied and applications pending.

If the department disapproves anything e=related to the aspirant, they will have to mention the valid reason for it.

The members can call the student in case there is an unignorable discrepancy or doubted information. That also means, the members will accept or ignore the minor mistakes or discrepancy.

Since the students cannot enter the colleges, they can contact the members of the college’s grievance committee whose contact details will be mentioned on the website of the college.

One big problem the Delhi University faced on Sunday was to ensure that the aspirants and the students do not enter any college.


Delhi University has chosen to take the admission process online this year. This is because of the current situations. However no student or parent is allowed to enter any college of DU.

The colleges have prevented them from entering, plus they have made required safety arrangements for the teachers, staff and guards that will be present in the colleges. Connectivity and sanitisation are the main priorities of the colleges.

Students will be able to see the important notices and other information outside the gates of the schools. Everyone present in the schools are following the social distancing.

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