Delhi Government To Pay CBSE Exam Fee of Every Student

Delhi Government To Pay CBSE Exam Fee of Every Student of Govt. School
Delhi Government To Pay CBSE Exam Fee of Every Student of Govt. School

Delhi Government: As we all know, exams will gonna be to happen next year. And CBSE has already given a notice to every school to ask for the exam fee from every student. Due to the current pandemic, many parents are unable to pay the exam fees for their children.

Well, this is also because the previous year CBSE increased the examination fee for students of 10th and 12th. That’s why some parents are facing problem to give the CBSE Board examination fees. That’s why the Delhi Government has taken up the step to pay the CBSE Exam Fee of every student studying in government schools.

CBSE board exams are gonna be to held next year. In many places schools are opened already and in some places, the government is planning to open schools. Well, it is confirmed that at the starting of next year board exams gonna be held.

Not only Delhi Government some schools principal are also contributing to this by paying students an examination fee.

“Till now, 90% of the students submitted the required examination fee, but if in case any student comes from the remaining students who didn’t pay their fee, and say that they are unable to pay the examination fee, so after checking and verifying all the things we all the teacher will contribute and pay their fee.” Said by a school principal.


So, the Delhi Government and all the principals, teachers, and high authorities of government schools are doing a very great job, by contributing to the pay the examination fee of those students who are unable to pay the fee.

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