Apple Sold’s Less, But Earns More Then Samsung and others, How?

Apple Sold's Less iPhones But Earn More Then Samsung and Huawei, How?
Apple Sold's Less iPhones But Earn More Then Samsung and Huawei, How?

We all know the topmost phone companies that hold a large percentage of market share are Huawei, Samsung, and Apple. After that Vivo and other phones, companies hold the market share. Well, due to this pandemic the mobile phone market faces a huge loss and down in the sale of mobile phones.

However, Apple has sold fewer smartphones than Samsung and Huawei but still, Apple made more money then these companies. In terms of sales, Huawei and Samsung are ahead of Apple.

The Global market of Mobile Phones is declined by 23% in this 2020 year, due to the pandemic and lockdown. In terms of revenue, Apple garnered 34% of the total mobile phone market this year 2020.

Not only this, in the Quarter Apple holds 59% of industry profit. So in terms of revenue and monetary form, Apple is always ahead of all the mobile phones company like Samsung and other smartphone companies.

Because the iPhone cost is very high that’s why Apple earns higher. Well, Apple sales are increased by 3%. However, not only iPhones but all the products apple made and sale are very expensive and the sale of those products is pretty less.

But, now Apple sales are increasing and Apple is generating more than before money. The company uses very smart techniques, as a result, they are the top company in terms of revenue and on number 3 in terms of sales.

In terms of revenue, Huawei is the leader of the market which holds 20% of market revenue, after that Samsung is the second largest company that holds around 17% of market revenue. Then Vivo holds 7% of market revenue and Oppo had 6%.

Apple sales are growing up to 3% and the revenue growth of Apple is 2%. Means Apple’s power is increasing day by day in the market.

Well, people love iPhones just because iPhone’s are premium, good specifications, and more. And the most important camera quality of iPhones is amazing.

Another good thing about iPhones and in other Apple products is that they use their own operating system. But other companies like Samsung, Vivo, etc. uses Android OS which is of Google’s product.

Well, this year the new iPhone 12 launch is delayed, but there are some rumors spreading and also told by Apple’s insider that most probably next month Apple will launch their 3 phones iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max.

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Well, all are waiting for the new iPhone 12 and it’s other models. Because every time Apple adds new features and many other exciting things in their products. And it is expected that Apple will launch it’s iPhone 12 in October.

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