Apple Regrets For Shaking Hand With GEEP

Apple Regrets For Shaking Hand With GEEP
Apple Regrets For Shaking Hand With GEEP

One of the biggest tech companies, Apple has sued a recycling company called GEEP Canada. The tech giant did so because GEEP Canada has ostensibly stolen and resold Apple’s at least 1,03,845 iPhones, iPads, and watches, according to a report by The Logic.

Apple hired this Canada based company to recycle and dismantle their products like iPhones and iPads. According to the report by The Logic, in the time span between January 2015 and December 2017, Apple gave GEEP Canada a total of 531,966 iPhones, 25673 iPads, and 19,277 Apple Watches.

When the audit of the warehouse of GEEP was going on, the mega tech company came across the fact that some registered devices were not under the analysis of the security camera or the security system.

Following the suspicious things, the tech giant started to check the serial numbers of all the devices which were given to the GEEP Canada and this led them to the reality of what was going inside the GEEP for such a long time.

They discovered that around 18% of the total devices given, which counts to 1,03,845, are active in the live time on the internet through the cellular networks.

Worse, this counted up to such a big number when the devices without a cellular network or the non-LTE devices were not included. So possibly, the actual number of misused devices is far ahead of just which is mentioned above.

Responding to all this, Apple said taking action against this, “At least, 11,766 pounds of Apple’s devices left GEEP’s premises without being destroyed – a fact that GEEP itself confirmed.”

The company GEEP denies Apple’s all allegations but clarifies the fact that a theft had happened. Further it claims that three of its own employees stole the Apple’s products without letting anyone suspect them.

Countering this, Apple said that the employee’s GEEP talked about were at the senior management posts in the recycling department of the company.

Apple company expresssed their uncomfort, saying that GEEP did a very wrong thing by reselling their Apple products, because the product resold were of poor quality and the safety of the devices was also not so good.

The devices sent for recycling were not so good that they can be used by the customers. And if any of those devices is repaired, modified, or rebuilt with spare parts, it will damage the electrical and battery system, thus causing high risks to the product’s safety.

In January 2020, Apple has already filed a complaint against GEEP Canada. Apple, after GEEP found to be misusing Apple devices, never worked or signed any deal with GEEP Canada. GEEP is currently running under Quantum LifeCycle Partners.


Apple, being one of the biggest tech companies in the world, ensures that its customers enjoy the best products and services. But cutting through it, GEEP Canada came and started reselling the Apple devices which Apple itself sent them to recycle or dismantle.

GEEP misused the products even after knowing that this deal is with a company called Apple, one of the biggest as well as the most powerful companies in the world.

Well, GEEP is paying the cost for it. Apple has complained against them and has not worked with GEEP ever since.

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