Andhra Pradesh: Schools To Reopen From November 2

Andhra Pradesh: Schools To Reopen From November 2
Andhra Pradesh: Schools To Reopen From November 2

Andhra Pradesh: The schools in AP were scheduled to reopen from October 5. But the state government has recently taken the decision to postpone the reopening date of the schools. Now the state government has decided to reopen the schools from November 2.

The decision to postpone the reopening of schools was taken by the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy while addressing a video-conference meeting with all the district collectors on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

A few weeks ago, it was decided that the schools in Andhra Pradesh will be re-opened from October 5, the same date which is set for the Delhi schools to re-open.

The schools were going to be reopened after almost a good time period of six months. But the state Chief Minister, taking the ongoing pandemic under consideration, declared the date of schools reopening i.e. November 2, 2020.

He also talked about the section of parents that were worried about sending their children to schools amid the pandemic.

After shifting the reopening date ahead, the number of such parents has reduced to some extent, but there are still some parents left worried as they are worried about the safety and well being of their children. However, all the essential safety measurements are going to be taken seriously.

The distribution plan of the state government will take place on the scheduled date October 5. Special kits will be distributed among the students under ‘Jagananna Vidya Kanuka‘.

Students from Class 1 to Class 10 in government schools will be getting these kits. The kit contains the following-

1. Three pairs of uniforms

2. Textbooks

3. Notebooks

4. A pair of school shoes

5. Two pairs of socks

6. Belts

7. A school bag

As per CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, he himself will be present and distributing the kits to the students in one of the government schools on October 5.

The state government has been preparing for the school reopening for the past few months. Under the ‘Nadu-Nedu’ scheme, thousands of schools were renovated and improved to provide the students with the best possible facilities.

The education department has already released the standard operating procedures (SOPs) so that schools can run properly following the crucial guidelines.

In the conference, there came many opinions directed differently. Including some parents, education department officials expressed their opinions regarding the reopening of the schools.

Well, Andhra Pradesh has shown some good statistics in the past few weeks. The infected cases are decreasing while the tests have gained some more pace.


Andhra Pradesh has been taking very good care of the students’ safety. Well, it’s so good of the state government that they have postponed the reopening date of the schools.

Some parents were supporting the decision of reopening on November 2, while many others were still against the idea of reopening the schools this year. Students have started preparation to get back to their schools.

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